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​Want to monetize your traffic?

Join over 60 happy publishers

Are you an Affiliate or Publisher with a blog promoted by SEO? 

Or perhaps you buy traffic via social media, search, or any other source that generates quality, and stable traffic?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

Let's monetize your traffic in the most effective way.

Horka brings together Advertisers and Affiliates from all over the world and helps them find the most effective way to collaborate.

By collecting tips and strategies from our partners, we build a unique workflow based on your traffic source.

This way we pay close attention to your product and can help you create better campaigns that will produce much more effective CTL and CR.


What you will get by working with us

High EPL

Unique deals

No hustle dealing with many brands

Private hosting

Bank wire transfer | USDT

Personal Account Manager

Customer Success Team

Live reports access 

Live distribution for quality advertisers

Unique and exclusive landing pages


Fast payments
Weekly | Biweekly | Monthly

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